Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Why not bring the four classical elements into your home? The symbolism of each of the elements can help your home feel more harmonious and stable.

  • Earth: Have rocks and stones placed in locations that make you feel good – for example, hematite in your corners will create a protective barrier, and rose quartz in a pretty bowl in the bedroom will bring love your way.
  • Air: Air represents intuition, so hang feathers, fans and streamers in your home. 
  • Fire: Candles and fireplaces represents the energy and power of fire.
  • Water: It’s not too practical to have a bowl of water just sitting around, but many people like to use tabletop fountains. Water-related items such as sand and seashells also make a lovely addition, and are a terrific way to bring the energy of water into your home.

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