Friday, February 15, 2013


 I think as life ebbs and flows things change and you keep trying to hold unto things only to realize it just doesn't "fit" anymore.  I am also going through that, my life is changing and flowing and if I don't get hold of what is waying me down and discard it I could drown..  I am spending this year divesting myself of stuff in general.  I was going to move this year and I rescheduled our cross country move for next year due to a combo of different things.  Anyway I am putting the delay to good use to really "divest myself" of anything that just doesn't "fit" anymore.  So basically whether it is family, friends, hobbies, household items, you name it - if it doesn't work for me I am not dealing with it anymore.  (Obviously you can't lose family LOL - but I am in process of changing my thought processes when it comes to certain members of my extended family if that makes sense).  Basically I am journaling now and one portion of my journal is devoted to my vision of who I am and how I want my life to become.  That helps me define what works for me and what doesnt.  It is a hard process but for me necessary.  One of my favorite song lyrics is "Don't quit til 47, then we'll turn it up and we'll play a little faster."  Well I am turning 47 on Monday, so I decided it was time to "fine tune" my life and stop being stuck with things that don't work for me and move on to what I do want in life.  So basically that is what the song lyrics mean to me :)

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