Friday, April 26, 2013


Step One: Breathe Deeply
Begin by taking a nice deep cleansing breath in...breathing in life, energy and abundance
As you exhale release any stress, strain or tension from your body.
Release any thoughts, feelings...and just allow yourself to relax.
As you continue to breathe deeply, gently shift your focus to your heart
and take a few moments to dwell here in this place of peace.

Step Two: 
Clearly State Your Desire
Imagine a genie has just appeared at your doorstep and grants you three wishes. Anything you desire!
What are your three wishes? (go to your heart and let your heart choose your deepest desire)
If you could only have one wish, which wish would you choose? Remember you must choose only one!
Hint: Select something you want, not something your want to get rid of.
For Example: If my ultimate desire is to be healthy and one of the ways for me to be healthy is to lose weight
my choice would read like this: I choose to be healthy and physically fit. Rather than I want to lose weight.

Clearly state your deepest desire. It is helpful to write it down where you can see it daily.

Step Three: 
Visualize Success In Advance
Picture what you desire as if it has already happened,
as if it has already manifested for you in your life.
Allow your picture to be as vivid as possible...colorful, life like, real

Step Four: 
Embrace The Feeling
What feeling will having your desire give you?
Feel the feeling you have as you imagine having your desire now.
Hint: Let's use the example of I desire more money in my life. Ask yourself what feeling do you have as you

imagine having all the money you desire? Perhaps you feel rich, wealthy, secure, successful, relieved. Beyond
these feelings, what do you feel? Most people report a deeper feeling of peace, freedom. The deeper feeling is
what you want to feel. This is known as your core value.

Step Five: Create An Image
Allow an image to come to you that represents your core feeling.
The image can be a place, a person, an object, a color, a shape
Hint: If your core feeling is freedom, an image that may work would be a bird,
sailing on the ocean, parasailing, space. If your core feeling is peace an image may
be a sunset, a dove, walking in nature, the color pink, Mother Theresa, a rose.

Step Six: 
Let It Go!
Let your mind release the intention to your higher self.
Hint: This can be done by merely saying to yourself " I now release my
desire to the wisdom and power of my higher self." And allow your mind to shift
to your core feeling. As you energize your core feeling, you will manifest your desires
ten fold. 

Step Seven: 

Trust that you have done all you need to do
Your higher self, Your subconscious mind will handle the rest.

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