Thursday, August 13, 2009


I am definitely not a woman of routines, I actually can't stand do the same thing twice in a row. However, I am finding these days there can be a certain magic to those routines in life and what they can maintain and help achieve. My latest thing is I starting walking again. I am doing thirty minutes a day every day and started this morning. There was a certain magic to that walk, the sun glinting off the lake, the smell of summer in the air, the combined elements that worked together to give me some of the peace I have been craving for some time now. I stopped and took pictures when the spirit hit while my tiny dog Daphne chased off the predator gangs of geese in our way.

Much is written about routines and how you should use them to organize your life. My plan is to just do the routines that make my life beautiful, like my walks, my writing, maybe finally starting that scrapbook. I think if even there are mundane tasks in your routine if you remember that they add beauty they will turn to magic....

Above is a picture of the magic in my morning -

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