Wednesday, September 16, 2009

More of my true paranormal happenings...

1. I was in a dark parking lot with a streetlight shining down into the window of the car I was unlocking. I saw very clearly reflected in the window of the car a body that was dressed in the fashions of about 10 years previous standing directly behind me. This body did not have a head. I whirled around and looked behind me and there was nothing there. Then I turned to unlock my car again and the body was again reflected in the mirror. I turned again and there was nothing there. I literally repeated this at least 10 times with the same result before I jumped in my car in terror and drove away.

2. I moved into a second story apartment in Las Vegas. The first incident that occurred there is my then 4 year old son kept complaining that a girl was coming out of his closet stating that she lived there and if he didnt leave she would kill him. He repeated this story to me almost on a daily basis. The second thing that happened there was that my son started telling me that the venetian masks that I hung on the wall were also telling him they were going to kill him. After that I got very uneasy being in the apartment although I had not witnessed anything for myself. I called my parents who are pastors and they told me how to perform a blessing on the home. After I performed this blessing every door in the apartment flew violently shut at the same time and literally shook as if someone was behind each door shaking it. This kept up all night until I ran to a neighbors house in terror. When I recounted this story to my downstairs neighbors the next morning they informed me that a witch that practiced black magic had lived there and after she moved out they still heard someone walking around upstairs even though the apartment was empty. I moved out within days after that, demanding a different apartment in the complex.

3. The last condo I lived in before I moved into the one I presently occupy I saw a figure of a man leaning over the railing when I moved in, watching us move in. It disappeared as I looked at it but it occurred almost nightly after that. After my daughter saw it and it scared her I demanded the spirit leave the house and told it we lived there now that it had to go. It then moved to the attached garage. Everyday I would lock the garage door that attached to the house and 5 minutes later the door would reopen on its own. This happened constantly and one night I came in from work and one of my son's matchbox cars that were out there in a storage box was thrown hard at my head out of the garage as the door was again open even though I had locked it with the deadbolt. There was no one in the garage at the time that could have thrown this car at me. After that I got angry and screamed at the empty garage, "Stop it now and leave!" I slammed the door to the garage and locked it. After I did that I felt something slam really hard into the door. I held my body against the door blocking the door and it kept slamming into the door. It felt like a large man slamming his body into the door. After moving from there with my children my ex husband occuppied a room there for a month afterward. He told me that he was terrified to go into the living room after dark as he kept seeing a bunch of people in the living room which were spirits as noone else was physically in the house.

3. I have had several times but one that stands out in my memory the most where I walked out of the house and a pile of fall leaves literally lifted itself up from the ground and formed a perfect spiral garland and started swirling around my body and then would drop to the ground again.

4. I was driving by a graveyard one day and saw a jogger that looked like he was trying to catch up with a car that was driving by going the opposite direction from myself. I laughed as it looked as if the car was playing a joke on their friend and driving slowly away. Just as the jogger caught up with the car and grabbed the bumper of the car the jogger literally started fading away before my eyes and disappeared.

5. My mother called to tell me my father had just died. Upon hearing the news I broke down crying and said I wish he would call me just one more time. The minute I said that an old cell phone (the one he would have had the number to) suddenly rang although a call didnt register with a phone number on the caller id just lit up and showed a call. It was physically impossible for this phone to ring as it had been completely dead for months as the battery had been removed and the service shut off.

6. Quite a few times in my life out of the blue I will constantly smell roses very very strong as if I suddenly were in a rosegarden. This has happened in places where it is physically impossible to smell roses drifting in from anywhere. There are several theories that this rose smell indicates spirits around you.

7. I constantly can predict when the phone will ring and who will be on it as well as know things happened to friends before they tell me and I literally can predict what will happen in the relationships of friends of my immediate family the first time I meet the person or the first time one of my family mention that person. I was right literally every time.

8. I had an incident happen to me twice in my life where suddenly I heard a loud roaring sound of wind in my ears and the room starts drifting away. The first time it was Christmas eve and everyone was asleep. During the sound of this wind roaring I heard a child's voice yelling "MOM!" over and over as if trying to yell over the roar of the wind. It stopped suddenly and I was positive it was the child I had lost during a pregnancy, why I thought this I have no idea the idea just came on strongly that he was trying to contact me from the other side. The second time this happened I was browsing faces on myspace randomly. I suddenly saw this handsome man and the same exact thing happened again with the roar of the wind and the room starting to fade away. After the roaring went away I was absolutely obsessed of wanting to meet this person. I went to his page and read every last morsel of information he put there and then commented on one of his blogs and asked for a friend request. I hoped for a response to my comment and went to his page everyday reading everything printed there. He did accept my friend request but did not contact me. One night he posted a bulletin that said, "Im bored come talk to me". I contacted him then and we IMed and talked all night. After repeating this talking for weeks he IMed me and asked me to marry him. That person is my current fiance who I now live with.

9. Before I moved to the condos I am in now, I didnt even realize they existed. I was in a side by side house that was in bad repair and had a horrible slumlord running it. I was going through and other sites trying to find a place to live. I got frustrated and closed down every window on the computer preparing to log out. I answered the phone at my desk and remarked that I wish I could live on the water as my father (who was then deceased) had always talked about living on the water. As I hung up the phone from that conversation, I turned around to turn off the power switch on my computer and suddenly there was a full color add for the condo that I now live in that has a manmade lake literally in the back yard. It is directly on the water. Funny how that appeared when I had no internet explorer tab opened at all and had not touched my computer even though I was sitting right next to it.

10. I almost died three times but had intervention each time. The first time I was driving very fast (over 70 mph) down the freeway and fell asleep at the wheel (I was going to school and working 3 jobs and never slept!). When I fell asleep I struck another car headon. As I opened my eyes I saw a pair of arms with a white robe on the pushing my car back away from the other car. I had only a very minor cut from my face hitting the wheel and no other injury which should have been physically impossible. The other cars passengers were equally uninjured. The second time I was driving from Las Vegas to Wisconsin with my newborn daughter and 5 year old son in the car. My exhusband was driving and we were driving along a very steep dropoff on a freeway where it was possible to go directly off the edge as there was no guard rail up. Suddenly a wheel axle snapped completely and my ex husband expertly reacted and turned away from the edge. He then told me that directly before that happened he had a vision it would happen and was told how to turn the wheel and take his foot of the pedal to prevent us from going over the edge! 3. The third time was when I had a persistent pain in the side of my chest. I ignored it thinking it was some kind of muscle ache. I was in the car with all my children driving to my son's bday party at chuck e cheese. Suddenly I heard a voice in my ear as if someone were sitting directly behind my ear saying, GO TO THE HOSPITAL RIGHT NOW! This voice kept repeating these instructions over and over! I finally pushed the Onstar button and told them to direct me to the nearest emergency room. Upon testing me in the emergency room I was suddenly surrounded by doctors with very grave looks on their face. I was told if I hadn't come into the hospital right then I could easily be dead as I had an advanced pulmonary blood clot. I received treatment for this and it saved my life.

Thats all I can write for tonight, I am too tired for anymore stories but had to post these....

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