Wednesday, July 22, 2009

True Paranormal Incidents That Have Happened To Me

Here are the first group of stories that have happened to me, I will post them in segments -

The Voodoo Doll

We moved into a rental house that had an opening in a hall ceiling that lead to a crawl space where storage could go. Since the first day of moving into that house I was constantly uneasy walking directly underneath that panel and could not figure out why. I tried to open it with a broomstick to see what was inside but couldn't reach it completely as I didn't have the appropriate ladder, all I could see with the help of the broomstick propping it open where what looked like some sort of chalk drawings.

Shortly after moving in my daughter Zoe whose room was at the end of this hallway and whose doorway was almost directly under that crawlspace, kept complaining of seeing a doll floating in the doorway of her room night after night. Finally I slept in her room with her to "help her resolve this terror". I told her to wake me when the doll appeared. It appeared at midnight. Zoe woke me and pointed to the open door. The hall light was on and very clearly there was a rag doll that appeared to look like what I had seen depictions of voodoo dolls look like. This was not an apparition, it was extremely solid, not at all transparent and was swinging back and forth through the air. Not believing my eyes I asked Zoe to describe to me exactly what she was seeing and she gave me the same description of the doll I was seeing to verify that we both where experiencing see this doll. I suddenly felt very angry at this doll and ran up to it yelling for it to leave my home. It swung at me as if to try to hit me with its feet and starting swinging through the air violently. The closer I got to the doll the more solid and substantial it looked. It kept swinging but seemed to go against an invisible force field when trying to come through the open door. As I finally got directly in front of it still screaming for it to leave, it jerked one more time violently and literally started fading away in front of my eyes. My daughter witnessed and described this exact incident as it happened.

Out of curiousity I contacted a voodoo priestess and described the doll to her and asked her if she had ever encountered or heard of anything like this. Her answer to me upon hearing the physical description of the doll as well as the incident was that she had never encountered it in her lifetime and didn't feel her magic would be strong enough to go up against it. She then told me her grandmother had experienced it in her lifetime and if unless you have extremely powerful ability that this doll is meant to cause death.

More Stories....
This occurred years ago while pregnant with my son. Several incidents happened in the same apartment. The first incident - I made a habit of keeping a bowl of fruit on the kitchen's table. Every morning there would be a piece of fruit laying on the counter with tiny child like bites out of it. Now bear in mind we are in a second story apartment with no access but the front door which had a chain and three deadbolts on it. I had no children at the time to take this small of bites out of the apple and even if my exhusband or I had been sleep walking there is no way possible our teeth or mouths could have physically formed the bites out of that fruit. Finally I asked "it" to stop and stated it was wasting fruit and it never occurred again.

The second incidentin that same apartment - I opened the drapes to show my exhusband the very thick frost the window contained. It was a second story window with no access to the ground unless one would have a very high ladder such as a fireman's ladder. The frost was so thick that evening that you would really have to push an icescraper very hard for it come off the window. Suddenly as both my ex and I were watching, letters started to be written on the outside of the window. They were quite large and formed the word LIE. I never did find out what that meant or why the entity was trying to communicate this to me. It did occur before myself and my ex and we had this verified as we asked several neighbors to come in and witness the occurence.

The third incident in that same apartment - My son was a newborn and being a new mother I didn't know any better and put some toys in his crib. I went to bed and fell asleep after my son fell asleep in his crib. Three times I felt something shaking me very hard. Being a worn out new mother I kept ignoring the shaking and said "No you go get the bottle". Finally with a fourth strong shake I heard the very loud whisper in my ear, "Go check the baby now!". I ran over to my son's crib and he had fallen asleep with a toy cupping his nose and mouth and stopped breathing. I removed the toy and it saved my sons life that night. After I picked up my son in arms, I checked the apartment, no one was home except me and my infant son and the three deadbolts were in place on the door. My ex was out that night and had not returned all night.

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