Friday, July 17, 2009

Always the Moon....

The moon has always had a huge significance in my life. Literally everytime I have had a tarot card describe me it is always the Moon card. That coupled with this true story that has happened in my life makes me really wonder...
Ever since I can remember I kept insisting to my parents that my real name should start with an S not the D that it starts with. I kept trying to "remember" what my real name actually was and this is at the age of 5!Years later I was sitting on a pier staring down into the cold dark water. Suddenly like a loud whisper in my ear I heard the words "Susan why don't you just jump? That is what you did the last time, it is time now you have lived long enough." Well as you can imagine my real name is not Susan and there was noone next to me saying those words that was visible anyway.I have always been strongly drawn to the moon and images of the moon and basically formed a collection of items with the shape of a crescent moon.Well - after all of these incidents that I just related happened here is the strangest part of all - I was in the library and a very old man suddenly turned, dropped his books and turned sheet white, literally looked like he had seen a ghost. He said, "oh my God, it is you, Susan, Susan Moon!!! He kept repeating this name and then slowly recovered himself and explained that she was someone he knew and I was her identical twin but she died a tragic death many years ago.


  1. That is the freakiest thing I have ever heard of! Eeek!


  2. My life seems to attract freaky hahahahaha