Friday, June 26, 2009


The prologue for The Lost Girl Chronicles - decided to do it all in rhyme - in my mind I see a ballet dancer dressed in tattered black dancing to the rhyme with dead butterflies littering the stage like bits of bright colored confetti......

I think this time I will just play pretend
Just like the fairytale they say has no end
This Lostgirl was actually lost this time
Stuck in a fantasy with never ending rhyme
She went out to play when the sun was so bright
Never intending her life would soon turn to night
But that is the way these stories all end
The package never arrives so there is nothing to send
Everyone knows the lifespan of a butterfly
Beautiful too soon and always to die
Sometimes though, their lives dont really stop
They just cling to the false meanings, the bubbles that soon pop
Romance on a dollar or lust on a dime
Pretending so hard its going to be real this time
All the while knowing its only the next dream
Always to pretend and play out the scene
Dance through the moonlight in that glow of red
Knowing this time the butterflies are already dead.......
Prologue Lost Girl Chronicles by ~avalontwilight

©2008-2009 ~avalontwilight


  1. "sangham saranam gacchami"...for you!

  2. wow! That is amazing, Deborah....

    How far are you in your story? I gotta buy the book when it's published!


  3. Thank you Leo - I am not far enough, I want this finished okay yeah maybe I want a Twilight-esqe empire hahahahaha but actually I just want the story that has been in my head for so long finally told!