Monday, June 29, 2015


I am all about free, especially in summer where so many activities can be enjoyed.  Here's my to do list of free activities this summer - hopefully they will give you some inspiration as well....

1. Go for a hike — anywhere!
Walking in nature frees your mind and spirit

2. Read in a lawn chair
Grab a great summer novel and enjoy a few hours of sunshine and reading.

3. Picnic
Just grab some snacks or sandwiches and an old blanket and go sit and enjoy nature at a favorite park.

4. Indulge in a free museum day
Check to see if any museums offer free days a week or a month and go early to enjoy art and culture for free.

5. Scavenge for cool found objects and incorporate them into your home's decor
Natural items such as seashells, driftwood, branches, and leaves can be used in many different ways to update your decor.

6. Head to the library for fun
Along with looking for great new books to read, there's always the magazine section where you can page through magazines you'd never buy yourself (but love reading nonetheless), and dvds and audio books available for rental.

7. Play board games that usually collect dust
Do you have some board games collecting dust somewhere in your home? Grab some snacks, some friends or your kids and plan a board game party. 

8. Give yourself an at-home spa day
Check online and use recipes from everyday things you have in your pantry for scrubs, masks, etc

9. Learn how to make something from scratch
Do you buy hummus or cookie dough or other convenience items?  Check out some recipes online or at your local library and learn to save money by making from scratch recipes.  

10. Organize those forgotten areas
Everyone has those forgotten areas - maybe boxes in the garage or basement perhaps?  Organize your items and either relabel so you know what is in the boxes or sell or donate the items.

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