Monday, October 15, 2012


Don't you wish karma could just be dealt out this way?  That there is something in the universe that has a large buzzer that goes off and states "not fair, bad karma coming" to all of the people that hurt you?  Unfortunately it doesn't seem this system is in place, the bad guys seem to keep coming and nothing ever happens to them.

The way I am dealing with things these days does help and the magic word is priorities.  I noticed one thing was prevalent whenever I felt that I was walking around mad at the world, mad at the evildoers, mad at the was prioritizing.

Sitting down and going over the things that are making rant and upset, it really seems that none of it matters much at all when compared to the things in life that do matter.  The things in life that do matter for me come down to really to just one thing - my children.  No matter how unfairly people treat me, no matter how much they disregard my feelings, no matter how much too good to be true is always just that "too good to be true" - none of that really matters.

All that matters is how much I do with the time I have with my children.  As long as I keep that one priority in mind, even my evil rants have just lost their steam somehow :)  There really isn't anything at all that matters as much as them, including my own life.  Maybe this time around I really did learn the lesson I needed most to know.....

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