Thursday, June 2, 2011

Yet more true paranormal incidents that have happened to me...

The last condo we lived in, Gene and I and the children, had several incidents as well. The first was when reflected in the glass of a fish tank we had in the living room I saw the body of someone wearing what I guess I would describe as clothing out of a Shakespearean play. The figure was pacing back and forth through the living room, but was only reflected in the glass of the fish tank. This went on for at least 20 minutes.
After that incident we had a very noisy exhaust fan above our stove that had a button you had to press very hard to turn on. We were sitting having dinner and suddenly the exhaust fan turned on by itself. This was physically impossible because of the difficult button. I then said, that fan is so loud, I can’t hear, one moment while I go turn it off. As I rounded the corner to turn it off, I literally saw the button depress and the fan then turned itself off. This happened three times in a row.
About a week after the incident with the fan, I was sweeping the kitchen floor and each time I swept I had the routine of picking up the wastebasket and sweeping under it then returning the wastebasket to it’s place. This time though before I could reach for the wastebasket, it literally levitated in front of me and was set down on the floor exactly where I normally set it down. Terrified I still resumed my sweeping and then as I was about to pick up the wastebasket it levitated again and was set back down in it’s usual place. I am not sure why or how, but I just gasped the word Thank you to my “invisible helper” and ran out of the room.
When I was a little girl I asked my grandmother to try on her beautiful opal ring. She looked very scared when I asked her this question and she told me that the opal was her birthstone and it held a large amount of power. She said if anyone else would wear it, the ring would bring disastrous events. She then told me my birthstone was an amethyst and that I should only wear that stone for power. I disregarded this story thinking it was just a story my grandmother made up to discourage me from wanting to play with her jewelry. A couple years ago when I was at the Milwaukee Public Museum I walked up to a large display of uncut amethyst. Remembering my grandmother’s story I held my hands palms down above the amethyst rock. I didn’t touch the rock at all. I then felt what could only be described as an electrical surge go through my hands. When I lifted my hands up there were physical burn marks on my palms.

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