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Pisces---About You and Your Home

Pisces, your world is one of fantasy and imagination. Neptune is the ruling planet of fantasy and illusion, so you have a need to escape. Creating a home that is a private retreat would suit you well, especially a home by the water. If it has a seaside theme and decorated with watery colors, that would be even more fitting. You are the romantic and the feeler and live in a dream world, so a haven from the outside world is what you need to restore yourself. You prefer isolation and need time alone.

You prefer light, color and fantasy. The dreamy colors of mauve, purple, aquamarine, violet, light green, blues and sea green would be a palette that would become you. A mixture of these soft colors would create an Impressionist color scheme ideal for the Pisces, no primary colors for you. Delicate light and the colors of the sea is the perfect place to relax. The lighting for your home will also be unusual and mystical in quality.

Your furniture taste is mixture of styles, but the upholstered pieces are always soft and comfortable. Occasional tables should be round. Furnishings should always contain an ottoman because Pisces rules the feet. The furniture lines should also be graceful, flowing lines, like waves gently breaking on the shore. Mixture and variety defines your decorating.

Not only do you prefer soft colors, you want your whole house soft, so it should contain a lot of fabric in window treatments and even as wallcovering. You floor should be carpeted. All rigid lines have been eliminated in the space to create a velvety, supple environment.

Being nostalgic and sentimental, your home is filled with photos and gifts from those near and dear to you. You also love art, candles, mirrors, photography, vases and watercolors. You love to feel, so surround yourself with those objects that evoke emotion in you. Your place may appear untidy because there are a lot of things out but it is purposeful because you like to be reminded of feelings and the memories that they evoke.

Sound is also important to the Piscean, because you love music. Music is a spiritual and uplifting experience for you. Another sound that should be incorporated into your home is the sound of water, so an indoor fountain is a must.

Pisces, you are the most sensitive of the signs and very impressionable. You live in the physical world of the body but also the psychic world. Because you are easily influenced by your surroundings and the people you interact with, both need to be positive and uplifting.

Pisces, mixture and variety defines your decorating.

Design Elements---Pisces:
Theme: Pisces---I Believe

Inspiration: Mother Ocean or the Mystic (poet and dreamer)

Mood Created: Imagination, fantasy and escape from reality


•Floors: Abstract area rugs
•Walls: Small rooms and changeable space
•Ceiling:Low and intimate
•Windows: Porthole or unusually shaped window

Degree of Contrast: Blending


•Dreamy, romantic colors of the sea, seafoam green, blues, aquamarine and turquoise
•Soft shades of mauve, purple and violet
•Neutrals like pale grays
•Iridescent highlights
Textures: Smooth and fluid looks


•Mood-setting accent lights and candles
•Theatrical lighting

•Silks, transparent fabrics and wool
•Use of lots of fabric to soften harsh edges---a fabric wall treatment would be ideal for the Pisces

•Antiques mixed in with less traditional furnishings
•Furniture with flowing fluid lines and undulating curves, also soft and comfortable
•Recliner and ottoman
•Circular occasional tables
•Vases, rounded shapes
•Watercolors done in a Impressionistic style


•A water lily garden
•Salt-water aquarium
•Secret garden with a reflecting pool
Motif or Shapes:

•Symbols of the sea---dolphins, fish, sea turtle; waves and curls
•Round shapes and curved lines
Time of Day: Night

Paint technique #1: Colorwashing

Colorwashing is a very soft watercolor look with layers of translucent colors applied with a brush, sponge or cloth and glaze. A base coat is applied and allowed to dry. The second coat is one part color and four parts glaze and applied with short random brushstrokes or a sea sponge or cheesecloth. Allow this coat to dry until tacky to the touch and then use a stiff damp brush to reveal the base coat. The thinner the glaze the better but work in small areas because it dries quickly. Work in 3 ft square sections.

Special Notes:

1.If the basecoat and glaze mixture are close in color this method will hide wall imperfections.
2.This technique adds dimension to flat walls or more depth to plaster or stucco walls.
Paint technique #2: Sponging

Sponging creates a soft, mottled look that gives depth to walls. The method uses a sea sponge and glazes to achieve a random effect. There are two techniques for applying the glaze: sponging-on or sponging-off. With sponging-on, you apply the colored glaze with the sea sponge onto a painted surface. In sponging-off, the sponge is used to remove the wet glaze from a surface. Most home centers can provide instructions for this decorative effect.

Pisces Finishes:

Metals: Platinum & tin

Decorating Style Appropriate for a Pisces: The Sea

Pisces, your dream home would be a cottage by the sea.

On a good day, like the ocean clam, you can be serene in yourself and in your effect on others. On a bad day, you're a tempest. Okay, so perhaps that describes all of us, but here's what's so different about Pisces: The good days and the bad days are one and the same.
Your planet
What better god to rule your sign, but Neptune, Lord of the Oceans, who lends to your home a watery motif. For instance, in your design ideas, borrow from the images of the rain forest, beaches and waterfalls. You may have a sun room filled with exotic plants, for example. Or try filling vases with sand and reeds from the dunes. Sea glass might add a nice touch. In the foyer, a stone arrangement with running water through it will create the right effect.

Your element
Obviously, water is the Pisces element. Your outside property should include a pond (with fish, if possible) or a babbling brook. The backyard should certainly contain a pool with inflatable tubes of sea dragons. Consider a Jacuzzi in the master bath and a steam room in the workout room: Why not have dreams? Yours is the sign of fantasy.
Your color
Sea foam, naturally. Following the water theme, you're drawn to aquamarine, sea green, and Mediterranean blue. Iridescent tones suit you well, too. However, when your water turns to fog, you can be attracted to pale or misty shades of gray. One of your greatest design strengths, though, is a keen eye for the subtleties of shades. Understanding the relationship between color and light is also your strength, so pay attention to the effects from lampshades.
Your style
"Fluid" is the word to describe your style, which is why you like round objects and curved lines. They help to keep the energy flowing around the room. For instance, a circular coffee table instead of a square one is closer to your type; a hassock for the rounded effect, bowls and rounded vases for your objects of beauty; oval mirrors. (You'll enjoy the optical illusions of mirrors too). For the walls, think Monet and his lovely Waterlilies.
Your favorites
A meditation room where you can escape from the real world is necessary for your sensitive Pisces personality. A wine cellar may serve the purpose too. You may set aside a special place for your stereo and CDs; music is a sacred experience for Pisces. Add a display of photographs for a personal touch, particularly sentimental photos of the family or scenes of sunsets on the beach. Finally, the most personal of all Pisces possessions: the fish tank!

Home is a highly personal retreat for Pisces, a cozy haven where you recharge your emotional batteries. You have a great sense of style, and tastefully decorate every room. Silk meditation pillows, natural fibers and serene sea colors like lilac or celadon green hint at your spiritual side and the dreamy depths you keep hidden. There’s a sensual vibe throughout your living space, infused with feminine touches like scented candles and room sprays.

Pisces is an artistic sign, and with your fine aesthetic eye you’ll display treasures everywhere. Pisces rules photography, so you could hang independent film posters and framed photos. A water sign, you might live near water, or infuse water into your decorating scheme with a Zen fountain or an aquarium full of tropical fish. A houseboat or summer on a yacht equals nirvana for you.

Since Pisces have many moods, you could have a different room for each, some decadent, others spare. With your theatrical nature, you may even go for a boudoir feel, dressing your windows in silk or velvet stage curtains fastened with tasseled tiebacks, or lighting rooms with opulent Tiffany lamps and gaudy chandeliers. Your home may look like a storefront psychic’s parlor—but why not? You’re in your element with a bold touch of fantasy. Since your sign rules the New Age, spiritual or meditative undertones transform your house into a healing space.

Above all, you prize solitude, and need a wide canvas for your imagination. Home to you is a peaceful place to daydream. Yours should be filled with beautiful music, or else with the deep, resonant "sound of silence."
The Home:
The Pisces sign of the zodiac rules oceans and seas, so it only follows that this ‘sea-creature’s’ home would have quite a bit of the water element in it. The Pisces home is usually warm and welcoming without too much structure, even a bit on the chaotic side. Tidiness is not one of the words in this individual’s vocabulary, but a word that they might want to familiarize themselves with because they might actually find its affect to be quite grounding. Colors that resonate with the Pisces home include: sea green, aquamarine, lilac, and mauve. Metals that support their sense of style include; platinum, tin, and zinc. And textures to soothe their souls are those that resemble the ‘invisible touch’ of chiffon. If we stick to general rules, a home that was warm and cozy, surrounded by greenery, and overlooking the ocean would be the dream retreat that this creative, kind, and intuitive soul subconsciously craves.

Décor suggestions:

•Art and Ornaments:
As does the rest of the house, the ornamentation of the Pisces sign home will more than likely emphasize the watery theme. Sea shells, star fish, corals, and mother of pearl artifacts will cover most of the nooks and crannies of this humble abode. Paintings, photographs, and collages that depict the ocean or other aquatic themes are also a favorite of this universal and spiritual creature as are fish tanks and little indoor water fountains.

•Flowers and Plants:
Pisces love plants almost as much as they love the ocean. Ok, you got me. Nothing comes close to their love for the ocean. In general, however, aquatic plants will thrive nicely in the Piscean home as will larger, leafy, rainforest plants. Beautiful crafted glass or ceramic vases filled with a few coastal flowers would be a wonderful addition to this home’s décor as well.

The Piscean bedroom is the true depiction of a beachside cottage. Pastel colors that shine like the sun, see-through white cotton blinds that gently blow in the wind, and a fluffy white cotton rug to tickle the feet are just a few of the items that can be found in a Pisces sign bedroom. The furniture will probably be a mix of miss-matched pieces, some distressed, some rugged, but most picked up at garage sales, country shops, or by the side of the road. The key to their happiness is lightness, brightness, and ease…and that applies to their life as well as their home. A plain, painted white, pine bed…plain cotton bedding and sheets…comfy pillows with a few embroidered flowers on the pillow case...and there you go…the Piscean dream.
Pisces sign people are not materialist and therefore quite happy with the simple things in life. So this individual will not mind to have a small kitchen with just the bare necessities. He will actually prefer it. Because the smaller the space, the less ‘mandatory duty’ for him to fulfill. Plain light wood or pine would do nicely for this kitchen with tints of blue and lilac sprinkled throughout. A few rope artifacts and some distressed cabinets and shelving would also fit this décor style quite well. Light, bright, fresh, and airy with a touch of water…what else does a Pisces soul need?

Keywords: aquariums, fountains, mazes, sand, sea, veils, water


Some of the suggestions above were taken from the book “Home Astrology”, written by Paul Wade. If you're really interested in creating an environment to support the Pisces soul, then this book would be a great resource to have close by!

Pisces: You need meditative space. It needs to be done up in the blues and greens even if those are not you favorite colors. Trust me, if you spend some time alone in your perfect chair surrounded by your perfect scents you will come to love your blues and greens even if they are one in that area. Gather scarves and drape them over your laps to create dim light and spend at least part of each and every day in that place. Keep out harsh light, use candle light and don’t feel selfish when you make this perfect space for yourself. You spend a lot of time serving others and you need to give yourself time in a space of your own to regenerate and regroup.

Write down your thoughts and when you dream try making a plan to carry out that dream. Force yourself to dream in lists and follow those lists to your dream. You dont’ need to know for sure that it will work because if you feel it and picture it: it will work.

Draw and write in colored markers. Stock up on paper and markers and don’t forget charcoal for when you want to smudge. Draw your dreams and hang them in your space. Cut your dreams out of magazines and tear them out of books if the book is falling apart, otherwise, keep it with your other picture books that make you dream. If you can see it, you can do it and that is key to being you.

Imaginative, intuitive and sensitive, Pisces is a chameleon who isn't afraid to mix up different styles. She needs space to meditate and express her creativity. Watery hues like blue and green serve as a backdrop for her dreamy space that opens to the outdoors. Pisces hate feeling trapped in a space, so they need a lot of big windows that let the light in. Always surrounded by pretty things, Pisces instinctively knows where each piece should be displayed. Works of art fulfill her artistic side.

Members of this sign, which is represented by a pair of fish, tend to go with the flow, and often have difficulty choosing furnishings and
paint colors.
Strongest color: Sea green
Also favors: Watery hues like shades of green-blue
Style: You gravitate toward pretty objects. Try sea-themed elements like drawer knobs made to resemble coral.
Signature accents: Decorative masks or costumes hung on the wall, representing the artistic, chameleonlike nature of the sign.

Okay, so blues, greens and if you can find fabric in both colors at once, perfect! Notice I use the word “perfect,” in this piece and that is because you are a perfectionist in your own right. Don’t settle, Pisces, if you do you are being someone else.

Get yourself some throws to cover yourself and curl up in. Find a large chair where you can get into that fetal position and do that regeneration that only you can do as you heal at the speed of light. Remember to have some reflective items in your space so that you can stare at them and have your own mind reflected back at you. No one should invade your space no matter how much they want to unless you have decided to share your space for a short talk. You need to find you again and to do that you need YOUR area.

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