Thursday, April 23, 2009


We all have a story. This is the story of a girl named Susan. Why would anyone care about her story? Maybe because she is one of the Lost Girls and her story could actually be called a song. This song contains all of the elements of the most forlorn country western ballad, tragic opera and raunchiest rap. Susan's song could never quite get radio play though, it moves too quickly, the rhythm skips around wildly and the lyrics are not for sensitive ears. Even so, the very essence of this song demands to be played. The following is the Song of Susan, the battle cry for all of the Lost Girls everywhere..... Wel­l, granted that last paragraph is a bit emo even for my tastes but that bit is true I suppose in that each one of my stories are all songs. It's just that I never know where to start as none of these songs have any kind of cohesiveness to them, there is no way I could ever fit them all on the same cd. I mean if I start at the beginning of my first song its as if I am back in high school history class reciting the dates and causes of each war, getting progressively more tired and blase as the recitation wears on.I could start at the last song and go backwards as my audience would want to know exactly how I ended up as I am today, lying in the rain that washes my blood off the pavement, crying soundlessly while the snow white peacocks march around me pretending not to notice.But really maybe I could just jump right in and start rambling on, I mean the top hit songs are always some obscure number like 5 or 7 on the cd anyway right? Who knows what might grab your interest and not let it go?I suppose I will be boring though and give you a quick description of myself, every cd does need cover art right? My name used to be Susan, and although I have what men seem to admire in looks and I like to think I am smarter than the average person, I was still just another Susan. Pretty enough to find a rich husband my parents said, but definitely not wise enough to make my own course in life. Of course this was all before I met HIM. Yeah I know why do all the turning points in a woman's life revolve around men? The reality of that little fact really does suck, but seems oh so true for so many of us.......Well I am digressing again, even in death when all I am supposed to experience are a series of flashback memories, I still can't turn it off, I just keep rambling on and on as if I had all the time in the world to tell my story.But then again maybe I do still have all the time in the world, I thought this spell would finally work but it may have gone awry just like all my other attempts at a way out of this tedium. Anyway, as you may have guessed already, the giant HIM I referred to is an immortal who by the looks of it screwed me over for life and apparently for death too.Since you actually seem to be listening I might as well get up and brush the peacock droppings off myself and do some more rambling because already my wounds are starting to close up and heal and all I seem to have done this time was ruined my new shoes as I took a running leap from that window. Looks like back to the drawing board again.So anyway come upstairs with me and have a drink, I know I damn sure need one, suicide attempts are always better with a good dry martini as the finale I've found……….

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