Thursday, August 22, 2013


I am doing a horrible, hard, life affirming thing!  I have decided (trumpet sounds here) to GET RID OF AT LEAST 1/2 OF MY COOKBOOK COLLECTION!  I have literally googled and studied this for days (yes I know I have either A. no life or B. a very obsessive personality or C. All of the above) but it's time to not move all that heavy paper!  I have finally talked myself down from the ledge and decided to get a move on with this project. Because to be honest - how many cookbooks do I really need or use? 

Soooo - I am going through 3 books a day, scanning the recipes I want out of them for reference, and at the same time I am making a book of  recipes I actually use and refer to frequently for easy reference.  I hope to one day get down to the three books plus a notebook that most of these blogger organizers boast of , but I honestly think in my heart of hearts that day will never come.  So I have resigned myself to get rid of 1/2 the book collection - enough to feel the twinge but not enough to mourn the loss.

I plan to organize my favorite books in a cute wire basket like they did on the blog A Bowl Full Of Lemons.  Too cute!

Okay I will list daily what my books and impressions of the books are, here are the first three for the chopping block -

Mr Food Cooks Pasta
Homemade by Cladaugh McKenna
Paula Deen Christmas

My next post will consist of reviews for these books and whether they made the cut for keep or not...
stay tuned dear readers for this riveting information :)

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