Thursday, May 31, 2012

Zombies - Government Coverup?

A Zombie apocalypse warning by the CDC may not be tongue in cheek after all, suggests a writer on Gawker. The recent Miami cannibal face-chewing attack is but one of many other incidents that occurred in the month of May...all in Florida. Does a curse exist?

On May 16, the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention, released a warning on its blog for citizens to prepare for a zombie-invasion. The post, written by Assistant Surgeon General Ali Khan, gave instructions on what to do should an apocalypse involving the "walking dead" was to happen.

A blogger -- and zombie extraordinaire -- on IhopeRickSantorum listed a string of disturbing attacks and incidents one would expect to see in science fiction films.

The strange and ghoulish incidents began in Florida on May 16. Then, a report from McArthur High School in Hollywood talked about how students and teachers developed a strange rash. Hazmat officials were called in and decontaminated. All those infected. However, what caused the itchy breakout remains a mystery.

On May 20, 41-year-old Dr. Zachary Bird was arrested in Orlando by the Florida Highway Patrol. Sources say the man was agitated to the point in which he banged his head on the officer's window, and spit blood into his face.

Days later, a Hazmat team responded again to a call at a Broward County school for reports of a rash breakout. However, the cause is still unknown.

The writer also suggested that perhaps the Miami zombie-like attack is spreading like an uncontrolled germ or bacteria. He points to an incident that took place Tuesday in Hackensack, New Jersey. It involved a man, who stabbed himself and threw his intestines at police officers.

Like news of UFO sightings, Big Foot, and the Loch Ness Monster, this may just something the public hangs on to as part of its superstitious culture.
Does a zombie apocalypse exist in Florida or anywhere else in the world?


  1. It wasn't a zombie. It was a fucking werewolf for gods sake. There are reapers around. Werewolves can't shift and go into a frenzy. He didn't shift. But he was a werewolf. The government even knows. They won't let it out. They have a government that knows about werewolves, vampires, etc. They keep it secret.