Friday, October 15, 2010


There is literally a thinning of the veils between dimensional realities, and the splitting of timelines. There is overwhelming evidence from a multitude of sources, that there is something very big going on right now. In consequence, we are moving from third-dimensional time to fourth-dimensional time. [emphasis added]

Time is no longer simply experienced in linear fashion. Multiple timelines are beginning to appear, based on the power of our choices. These timelines have just begun to split. Many of us are experiencing this split as the sense of a widening gulf between our personal reality and global mass consciousness, or consensual reality.

There is a sense of disorientation in regard to world events, a feeling of walking between worlds, with much of our dreamtime consciousness engaged in building a new world, shaping it with our highest intentions, and outpicturing it into the collective as a timeline of new possibilities. Many of us are engaged, not so much in resisting or attempting to make sense of an old paradigm in its final dance of death, but in visioning the new world rising from the ashes of the old. As we travel deeper into fourth dimensional time, the same events will be experienced very differently in different timelines. [emphasis added]

There could be potentially an infinite number of timelines, but there are three primary ones corresponding with different dimensional realities. Here’s a scenario for how this could manifest:

The third dimensional timeline will continue to be fueled by the consciousness of duality, grinding its way in fulfillment of karmic laws to environmental catastrophe, political insanity, and social chaos. This may include major earth changes during the coming years, in response to celestial events / energies, to the mass thought forms of those who choose this reality, and to the changing magnetic fields of the Earth. The density of this Earth will be too heavy to withstand the high-vibrational incoming energies. All the major doom and gloom prophecies we hear about have relevance to this timeline, and this timeline only.

A fourth dimensional timeline will gradually emerge through the collective visions of those whose souls have called them to build a new world. Its vibrational frequency will be such that the pro-evolutionary energies currently pouring through Earth’s auric fields will lift her and those who choose to move with her into a quantum leap of awakened spiritual consciousness. As dimensional veils thin, we will experience a reunion with our star brothers and sisters. There could still be an experience of earth changes and chaos, but not nearly as intense, and will be transmuted quickly. The prophecies of heaven on Earth have relevance to this timeline.

A fifth dimensional timeline is also being created. This timeline, governed by the laws of mastery, is about using the incoming evolutionary energies to activate full soul and monadic union. We will use the incoming cosmic energies to fully transfigure our individual and planetary bodies into bodies of light, preparing the way for the fourth dimensional Earth to follow in good time. The prophecies of planetary ascension have relevance to this timeline.

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