Wednesday, October 20, 2010


This poem is written for me by a Deviantart poet and friend.

For Avalon
by ~thumbing

What makes us all, where do we hail?
From things since past, things so far
Our memories, making our essence frail
Do make our decisions on what we are.

Mostly consisting of the mundane,
So easily forgotten, and yet there are others,
Others as treacherous as Abel's Cain,
Reminding us of what makes up such brothers

And lastly, there’s what brings us purpose
An Avalon, or paradise if you will
But just like Arthur, who gave us bliss;
The things that age, will decay, will lie still

But these memories are never truly gone
For when this Avalon is cast into the hour
Where day meets night, and dusk is dawn
These memories will regain their former power

This rarity in life brings life essence,
These Twilights of Avalon so beautifully hidden.
That through our memories’ evanescence
A new pleasure to ourselves, we have given

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