Thursday, July 29, 2010


AUTHENTIC Mexican Fajitas - my mom's recipe
Ingredients –
Round steak or fajita meat
FRESH jalapeno peppers (1 -2 is plenty) not jarred! (slice thinly)
FRESH cilantro (not dried) diced (you use this instead of lettuce)
FRESH limes (cut in wedges)
Queso cheese (this is the Mexican version of Feta cheese but you can substitute
shredded Mexican mix cheese)
FRESH tomatoes (diced)
Package of CORN (not flour) tortillas

Diced up fajita meat (you can use cheap round steak and put meat tenderizer on
(Gene fried it in olive oil last night and put a couple shakes of McCormick
seasoning on it that is Fajita flavored but if you don’t have that garlic and
oregano and maybe a dash of chili powder or whatever combo would be fine – don’t
use the packaged fajita mix though – what you want to do is have dry spices on
the meat.)
After you fry the meat in the pan – remove the meat and drizzle a bit more olive
oil in the pan. Then quick fry the tortillas for just a few seconds on each
side and stack those on a separate plate. To assemble place all ingredients
except limes in to tortilla shell and squeeze lime wedge over it. Fold as you
would a taco.

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