Thursday, June 3, 2010


Many night-blooming plants are white, and give a luminous appearance in the moonlight. If you plant them in a circle or a crescent shape, when they bloom, you'll have the moon herself right there "as above, so below." There are a number of plants that open at night -- mix them in with silver-foliaged day bloomers.

Night Blooming Plants
•Moonflower: Yes, it should be painfully obvious, but the Moonflower really does bloom at night. It releases a slightly lemony scent when it opens up, and during the day the white flowers are tightly shut. Some species of this climbing plant, a cousin of the Morning Glory, can get up to eight feet long*. The flowers, when open, are around 5 - 6" in diameter.
•Evening Primrose: This perennial spreads rapidly, and can cover a lot of ground for you. The pale pinkish-white flowers open at dusk, and release a sweet aroma.
•Night Phlox: these pretties open up at dusk, and have a fragrance reminiscent of honey or vanilla.
•Evening Stock: the tiny purple and pink flowers aren't very fancy, but they smell divine when they open at night.
•Angel's Trumpet: Another vine, this annual spreads like crazy. Its trumpet-shaped, white flowers have a bell-like appearance when open.
•Night Gladiolus: this plant isn't actually nocturnal, but that's when the creamy yellow flowers smell the strongest -- it's a very spicy scent that's a glorious addition to any night garden.
Day Blooming White and Silver Plants
•Dusty Millers
•Silver Thyme
•Lamb's Ears
•Mugwort (Artemesia)
•Silver Sage
•White vegetables such as Alba eggplants or Baby Boo or Lumina pumpkins
Herbs and Flowers with Lunar Connections
•Water Lily

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