Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Inner Librarian

I am suddenly in the nesting mode this summer. I am not exactly sure why, maybe because I feel everything is in flux right now at this point in my life, that maybe if I have a stable home environment it will stabalize all else in my life or at least I believe this may be the rationale. Anyway. right now I am in this mad dash to finally get everything unpacked, squirrelled away into boxes that are labeled, donated or sold. Somehow those rows of marked plastic boxes mean I have all my ducks in a row and that I am ready to pick up and move or settle in and actually find everything.

My latest endeavor of the weekend is my obsession to create an inhome library. Okay maybe this is because through no fault of my own, (LOL), I am persona non gratis at our public library. Yeah well I am not good at returning books ontime. But actually it is because in my mad shopping frenzy period, (shopping to replace sex/love leads to lots and lots of stuff....), I acquired literally tons of books I now feel I must read if only I could find them.

I got off to a good start this weekend and divided the two little three shelf bookshelves I had into fiction and non fiction. I added magazine holders to house my treasured Victoria magazines, and a potted plant to look sophisticated on top. I then went even further dividing my non-fiction books into a whole reference section - cookbooks, decorating books, textbooks, research for "Lost Girls" books, and improve my figure/organization/life books. I now have a whole reference section that lacks only the Dewey Decimal system to rival a small library or at least maybe a book mobile.

Now I am on a mission to unpack the other books that are here, there and everywhere, add yet more bookshelves and surround myself with the things I love most, books, candles, plants etc. Somehow this all gives me a feeling of peace, as if life is okay if my room is pretty and books are organized....

Now unto building yet more bookshelves....

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